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Yoga has been an important aspect of keeping my self safe and healthy. And it works!!!

Yoga has been lifesaving and life giving for me. However, I have had to deal with hormonal fat areas that have been plaguing me for several years. Some time ago, I underwent treatment for Hep C and one of the pills I took had to be taken in a high fat diet to be effective. So my diet consisted of Hagen Daz ice cream bars, yogurt mixed with whipping cream, prosciutto sandwiches, you name it…….whatever was easy and solidly fat. I gained weight and couldn’t shake it. Most of it was in my middle region; front, sides and back. I noticed one of our students, Dorothy, had changed her appearance dramatically. I asked her what she was doing as I was doing My Fitness Pal and I was losing weight but not around the middle. I was restricting the amount of food I ate but not what I ate. Dorothy suggested I get a book by Dr. Michael Greger, who has written “How Not to Die” and "How Not to Diet”. I ordered the book How not to Diet but saw that it is a 37 hour read. Yikes! Dorothy was kind enough to forward me a YouTube lecture that he did that gives a precise of the book. (As an aside, Dorothy has been a vegetarian for many years but the information gleaned from this doctor changed how she ate and ultimately led to her svelte shape.)

link to podcast: I shared this video with one of my daughters and one of my daughter in laws. These were the comments of my daughter in law: "I have been doing the vegetarian for about 10 days. I may have lost a few pounds, but most notably I have 0 symptoms of IBS. I like that it’s not restrictive. I was very interested in the fact that BCAA (branch chain amino acids) contribute to higher insulin resistance, which more surprisingly I used to take as a supplement.” I haven’t asked her lately how she’s doing but I can say I have lost inches around the middle. And I feel wonderful. I have been unable to attach the video but I was able to load what it looks like so that you could download it. If weight loss is not your goal, I still recommend watching it for quality of health/life.

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