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Flower Outline

I have been asked several times if I would accept payment for the classes.  Rather than give the money to me, I thought I would ask you to donate that money to a worthy cause.  Which one and how was difficult. 
I have finally settled on where to send the donations. 

So I have set up a PayPal account for those who wish to contribute:  

The site is called San Miguel Support to ensure the privacy of the family involved.  (The photo on the Paypal site is a random photo I took many years ago.)

This is a money pool.  You can put in what ever you are comfortable contributing.  One student has already made a contribution and it was transferred to the family in Mexico that will be the recipient of the donations.  They were ecstatic!

Once again, thank you.  My teaching is a two way street and I get just as much out of it as you do!

Warmest regards

Image by Markus Spiske
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