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Since attending Didi’s classes, I stand straighter, focus more deeply and longer both in the asanas and in my life, am able to feel, listen to, and understand my body in ways I never knew possible. And so, I would follow Didi to the ends of the earth but luckily there is Zoom, and I don’t have to!

- Beverly Donofrio


I have had many teachers over more than 40 years, including Mr Iyengar himself. Didi Hall is most certainly one of the best and most professional teachers I have had the privilege to work with. She is deeply experienced in Iyengar yoga and yoga therapeutics and is very detail focused, but she keeps it fun! She pushes you to be all you can be, but never judges or puts you at risk of injury, and somehow she does it all with a great sense of humor and endless patience. As a result, she has created a very friendly and cohesive following in person and online. 




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